Privacy Policy

We take your children's and your privacy and safety very seriously and stick by the following rules:

Our Apps

◦    We do NOT store any data - if you need to enter your child's name in any of our apps, this information is only stored on your device. It is not uploaded to the internet or stored anywhere else. Once you delete that child's account, the data is permanently deleted from your device.

◦    No internet or e-mail links feature within our apps.

◦    No in-app adverts are present in any of our apps.

Our Newsletter

◦    If you sign up for our newsletter, we store only your e-mail address (and name if you give it) for the purposes of e-mailing you with information about Zat Phonics products, competitions and news.

◦    We will NEVER pass your details on to any third parties.

Our Website

◦    If you or your child win any competitions or contact us with reviews or quotes for our site, we will ask your permission before publishing any details on our website, Twitter or Facebook pages. Even then, we would only ever include first names and ages.

For more information, please get in touch at We'd love to hear from you.