Zat Phonics Test - App Content

Zat Phonics Test is designed to support the Year 1 Phonics Screening Check, but is also a great tool to support children with their decoding when reading. Zat Phonics has a range of different phonics tests:
Free Content:
Introduction Test (5) = Mixed real and alien words (22 in set).
Purchasable Content pack includes:
Level 1 Test (10) = mixed constant digraphs and simple words (50 in set)
Level 2 Test (10) = mixed complex words, frequent vowel and additional constant digraphs (50 in set)
Level 3 Test (10) = mixed trigraphs, less frequent and split digraph words (50 in set)
Alien Test (10) = mixed only alien (non-sense) words (50 in set)
Mini Test (10) = mixed real and alien words (85+ in set)
Full Test (40) = mixed real and alien words (190+ in set)



'Zat Phonics Test' has been available on the app store for over just a year and the positive reviews keep coming.

As a Teacher of a Year One Class I believe Zat phonics offers a practical opportunity to practise blending real and pseudo words in preparation for the phonics screening test. The playback option delivers a clear example of how each word should be sound talked and blended which provides a unique experience given the dearth of playback options offered by other phonics apps.

This is certainly worth a go and is an app which will supplement a rich phonics curriculum to support children’s learning in Reading.
— Knittedteacher (App Store)